Seeking Compensation for Butte Fire Victims: Understanding Your Rights

The Butte Fire of 2016 is a devastating chapter in California’s history, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Our experienced Butte Fire attorneys have been at the forefront of litigation related to this catastrophic event, tirelessly fighting for the rights of thousands of individuals and business owners who endured the loss of their homes and properties.

Allow us to look into the Butte Fire, its aftermath, and the compensation you may be entitled to as a victim.

The Butte Fire: A Tragic Event

On September 9, 2016, the Butte Fire ignited, wreaking havoc across Calaveras and Amador counties. As the flames spread, firefighters received urgent calls to respond to this devastating wildfire.

In the face of this disaster, the governor of California declared a state of emergency, acknowledging the extensive damage caused to homes, businesses, and livelihoods. Thousands of residents had to evacuate, leaving behind everything they held dear.

Determining the Cause of the 2016 Butte Fire

In 2017, a Sacramento Superior Court Judge ruled that a faulty transmission line used by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company was responsible for the spread of the blaze. Therefore, the company was determined to be liable for lawsuits, and victims of the fire may have grounds to seek compensation beyond what ones insurance policy covers. Standard insurance plans often exclude coverage for damages caused by vegetation or fail to address the full extent of the harm you and your loved ones endured due to the Butte Fire.

Understanding Your Right to Compensation

The Butte Fire caused immeasurable losses for property owners and other individuals and entities with lives impacted by the wildfire. While each wildfire case is unique, the following are some of the common types of compensation to which victims may be entitled:

  • Property Damage: Lost homes, personal belongings, and structural damage.
  • Financial Losses: Lost income, business interruption, and devaluation of property.
  • Emotional Toll: Psychological distress, trauma, and emotional suffering.

Unveiling Unrecognized Compensation Opportunities

Many individuals fail to realize the comprehensive compensation options available under the law. Our dedicated team of attorneys navigates the legal complexities surrounding the Butte Fire, doing our best to help you collect the maximum recovery that you deserve. CaseyGerry lawyers are here to fight for your rights and take you through the legal process every step of the way.

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The Butte Fire of 2016 still has people feeling the devastation seven years later. We understand the legal obstacles you face and the uphill battle toward recovery. Reach out to our Butte Fire attorneys today to begin your journey toward obtaining justice and rebuilding your life.

Call CaseyGerry to schedule a consultation with our specialized agents. Together, we can pursue the compensation you are entitled to and help restore what was lost.

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