Seeking Justice and Rebuilding Hope: The 2018 Camp Fire in Butte County

The Camp Fire of 2018 in Paradise/Butte County, California’s most devastating wildfire, left behind a trail of destruction and heartache. Our law office’s compassionate Camp Fire attorneys have been unwavering in their commitment to advocate for individuals and communities affected by this catastrophic event.

The Butte County Camp Fire

In November 2018, the Camp Fire tore through the town of Paradise and other parts of Butte County, leaving no corner untouched by its relentless flames. Residents still today feel the magnitude of this wildfire, many of whom have yet to recover from the devastation.

In total, the Butte Fires claimed 88 lives. Understandably, this disaster enraged the county, and many are looking for retribution. The impact this fire had on the community requires unwavering support—support that we are here to provide.

Uncovering the Cause of Camp Fire 2018

The cause of the Butte County Camp Fire resulted from faulty power lines, exacerbated by strong eastward winds that caused the fire to spread rapidly. If you were among the thousands affected by this avoidable disaster, CaseyGerry attorneys will work with you to seek justice.

Asserting Your Right to Compensation

This tragic event altered the lives of property owners and their families in Butte County. As such, victims may seek compensation for many types of fire-caused damages:

  • Economic Hardships: Lost wages, business closures, and diminished property values.
  • Loss of Livelihood: Financial setbacks suffered by businesses and agricultural operations.
  • Loss of Normalcy: Inability to enjoy the same quality of life and use of property as before.

Unveiling Paths to Recovery

While many feel hopeless in the aftermath of the Camp Fire, we aim to help you find the light at the end of the tunnel, leveraging our legal prowess to help bring PG&E to justice. Together, we will meet to discuss your case and talk to you about why we are getting involved in litigation against PG&E.

Consult With a California Wildfire Lawyer Today

If you have been affected by the PG&E Fire, we urge you to take action immediately. Our experienced legal professionals are ready to provide personalized assistance and craft a customized legal strategy tailored to your circumstances. PG&E deserves what is coming to them, and this is our opportunity to help get payback for the damage their company has done to our community.

It all starts by speaking to our California wildfire lawyers about how the fire affected your life. We’ve heard tons of stories regarding the psychological, emotional, and physical turmoil the Camp Fire left in its wake, and we are eager to help you cope and obtain justice.

Help Take Down PG&E

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