The CaseyGerry fire team is monitoring the York Fire, a large wildfire burning in California’s Mohave National Preserve. The fire started on Friday, July 29th and grew rapidly, spreading into neighboring Nevada.

Fire officials have continued to fight the blaze tirelessly, managing to contain the fire by 23%. However, with scorching weather conditions and winds, the fire, which has been called the largest in California this year, has burned up to 80,000 acres and continues to grow.

Even more concerning are reports of ‘Fire Whirls.” Fire Whirls are similar to dust devils and vary in size. They can stand at a few feet or grow to hundreds of feet – turning into ‘Fire Tornados or ‘Firenados.’

Fire Whirls or Firenados occur when intense heat and raging winds merge, causing a fire twister that continues spinning as energy continues to be released. In addition, they can have the same intensity as a tornado (hence the name) and are unpredictable, quickly changing direction without warning.

Fire officials continue to battle the fire to limit destruction. The Mohave Desert landscape and wildlife remain at risk, and officials in Clark County, Nevada have issued air quality warnings across Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

CaseyGerry fire attorneys urge residents to remain vigilant and stay alert for updates. You can access important California fire resources here.

For those affected by smoke pollution from the fires, please heed expert advice and strive to minimize exposure and stay indoors.

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