Several wildfires are burning through thousands of acres in the state of Washington. The state is also affected by smoke from the Canada fires that has greatly affected the air quality in several areas of the region. The two most destructive fires in the state right now are the Gray Fire and the Oregon Road Fire which have devastated the region.

The Gray Fire started on Friday near Medical Lake, a town with a population of 5,000 near Spokane, Washington. Unfortunately, the high winds and arid conditions fueled the fires, creating a highly unpredictable, and dangerous situation for residents. The Gray Fire spread rapidly burning over 10,000 acres, destroying almost 200 structures and leading to mass evacuations and displacement.

By Saturday morning, fueled by 35-mph winds, the Gray Fire grew from 500 acres to 9,500 acres prompting the mandatory evacuation of the town of Medical Lake. As fire fighters continued to battle the blaze, their efforts were made even more difficult by the poor air quality and low visibility caused by smoke from the fires. By Monday August 21st, the fire was only 10% contained, however, fire fighters made good leeway in curbing the spread, and by Wednesday, August 23, the Gray Fire was 48% contained, and evacuation orders for some areas was downgraded to a level 2, a step down from mandatory evacuation.

The Oregon Road Fire also started on Friday around Elk, Washington. The hot, dry conditions caused the rapid spread of the fire which has now burned over 11,000 acres and destroyed at least 80 structures. As of Wednesday August 23rd, the fire was only 4% contained and remains a threat to the area. At least two fatalities have been reported in connection with the Gray and Oregon Fire. The cause of the fires is still under investigation.

The fire attorneys of CaseyGerry are monitoring the fires and hope for the safety of all. We are fully aware of the devastation wildfires have on individuals and communities. We encourage all to be prepared for fires. For information on how to prepare you and your loved ones, please visit the CaseyGerry Fire Resources Page.

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