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Public Utility Companies and Wildfires

Sticking It to the Big Man

Wildfires can cause extensive damage to homes, businesses, and communities caused by a range of factors, including human negligence and natural causes. In some cases, however, the cause of a wildfire can be traced back to a public utility company’s failure to maintain its equipment or infrastructure properly.

When public utility companies fail to take adequate steps to prevent or address potential fire hazards, they can be held responsible for the damages caused by a wildfire. At CaseyGerry, we have years of experience fighting for the rights of California residents impacted by wildfires driven by public utility companies.

As San Diego’s oldest plaintiffs’ firm and one of California’s oldest plaintiffs’ firms, Casey Gerry has spent decades protecting the rights of people who have suffered injuries and losses in California and across the country, including those from wildfires.

What Constitutes Public Utility Company Liability for Wildfires?

California law holds public utility companies to a high standard of care when preventing and addressing potential fire hazards. When a public utility company’s negligence causes a wildfire, victims may be entitled to compensation for various damages, including property damage, lost income, medical expenses, etc.

Utility companies may be held liable for wildfires caused by:

Poor Maintenance

If a utility company fails to properly maintain its equipment, such as power lines or transformers, it can increase the fire risk. If a fire is the fault of a utility company’s failure to maintain its equipment correctly, it can be held liable for the damages caused.

Power Line Failure

Power lines can cause sparks when they come into contact with trees, brush, or other flammable materials. If a utility company’s power lines cause a fire, they may be liable for the damages caused.

Equipment Malfunction

If a piece of equipment doesn’t work the way it should, it can trigger reactions conducive to a fire. If you feel the utility company used malfunctioned appliances, you may be eligible to file a suit.

Inadequate Response

When a wildfire breaks out, utility companies are responsible for responding quickly and effectively to minimize the damage caused. If a utility company fails to respond appropriately, it may be liable for the damages caused.

The CaseyGerry Effect

CaseyGerry’s fire practice lawyers know the subtleties that come with wildfire cases involving public utility companies. Below is a taste of what we offer:

Advocate for Fire Prevention

Our fire attorneys believe that prevention is key to avoiding devastating wildfires. We advocate for better safety standards and practices within the public utility industry to prevent future fires.

Hold Utility Companies Accountable

Our Southern California attorneys understand the immense power that utility companies hold, and we believe that they should be held to a higher standard of accountability when their actions result in wildfire damage.

Expert Legal Representation

With decades of experience in wildfire litigation, our attorneys have the California expertise and resources necessary to build a strong case and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Handle Complex Legal Issues

Wildfire cases involving public utility companies can be complex, involving intricate legal issues and large sums of money. Our attorneys know the drill and can navigate these complexities and pursue a favorable outcome for our clients.

Why Choose CaseyGerry For Your Public Utility Company Wildfire Case?

Well, for starters, we have a reputation of success in representing clients who have suffered losses from wildfires caused by public utility companies. Not sold? Here are some other reasons to choose us for your case:

Specific Experience

Our personal injury attorneys have years of experience representing clients in large-scale wildfire cases involving public utility companies. CaseyGerry lawyers understand the nuances of these cases and know how to work with all involved parties.


Our law firm focuses exclusively on representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases, including wildfire cases caused by public utility companies. We are able to lean on our skills in this particular sector.


Our law firm has the resources necessary to investigate the cause of the fire and identify all parties who may be liable for your damages. Our legal professionals speak with experts in several industries to build a concrete case on your behalf.


We emphasize having a transparent relationship with our litigation clients, keeping them involved and informed throughout the legal process. Our attorneys will fill you in along your journey and keep you feeling good about your case.

Seek Justice

Don’t let the negligence of a public utility company go unpunished. If you’ve suffered losses or damages in a wildfire, our attorneys can help you hold these companies accountable and seek the compensation you deserve.

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