PARTNER / Complex & Fire Litigation
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P. Camille Guerra is a partner and key member of the complex litigation team, working with partner and head of the complex litigation team, Gayle M. Blatt to concentrate on cyber-security cases like Yahoo Inc., consumer fraud litigation such as Volkswagen Diesel, Fiat/Chrysler Diesel, and Wells Fargo; as well as other high profile consumer class actions, including a national case involving anti-competitive behavior by the major tuna companies in the U.S.

With a master’s of advanced studies in health policy and the law, Camille is keenly focused on addressing complex healthcare issues related to the law. Her recent research on counterfeit Avastin was the subject of an article she co-authored in the prestigious Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. Her most recent publication is “USA Criminal and Civil Prosecutions Associated with Illicit Online Pharmacies: Legal Analysis and Global Implications,” which appeared in Med Access.

A native of San Diego, she speaks fluent Spanish and has studied Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, and Farsi. In her spare time, she enjoys international travel, playing sports, and volunteering for Thomas Jefferson School of Law as the alumni mentor to the Middle Eastern, Armenian, and Muslim student associations.

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